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The Boys From Brooklyn: The Great Robbery. Salvatore Tomasi. 148 pages. Ages 10-14. Boys won't be able to put down this entertaining story of eight boys getting themselves into all sorts of predicaments. It's the summer of 1974. Nicky and his friends are typical young teenage boys growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. The summertime living is easy and filled with fun, laughs and drama: Stickball. Johnny on the Pony. The fireworks. Terror in the train yard. Fights. Yes, the summertime living is easy until Tommy dares the boys to do something risky. Something that can screw them up for the rest of their lives. Themes such as friendship, competing, father-son relations, mom's guiding hand, ratting on your friends, and "doing the right thing" unfold in a real life and boy-friendly style. Boys will connect with Nicky, Frankie, Abe, Rob, Tommy, Zach, Victor and Jimmy. They might even learn an important lesson about peer pressure, but don't tell him! Available on Amazon Kindle for $3.99.
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Tangerine, by Edward Bloor. Drama / Sports. 288 pages. Ages 10-14. This is an unusual dramatic story that will draw your son in, right from the beginning. Compelling themes such as sports and rivalries, being ignored because an older sibling is getting all the attention, friendships and doing the right thing, the burning desire to fit in, discovering a haunting secret that has been hidden for too long and empowerment will keep your son turning the pages. 12 year old Paul Fisher, his older brother and football star, Erik, and their parents have just moved to Tangerine County, Florida. The author quickly provides a sense of foreboding with Paul starting to have flashbacks of something painful that happened to him when he was five, resulting in near blindness. Paul’s eyesight has improved since then, and he has become an excellent soccer goalie. However, he is still considered to be legally blind, and must wear thick glasses. Erik quickly fits in as the new football star for the high school, and Paul becomes the soccer goalie in the middle school. Surreal events start to occur. Paul is kicked off the soccer team, due to insurance regulations regarding handicapped kids playing sports. After a Florida style sinkhole swallows part of the middle school, Paul is transferred into a nearby middle school, populated with a rougher crowd of students. The story continues to unfold vividly. With some help from Mom, Paul is able to join the soccer team. He earns the respect of his tough new friends, by becoming embroiled in a controversial series of events. Paul continues to have painful flashbacks, finally remembering what really happened to him. A riveting, well told and empowering story, which should leave your son jumping up and down at the end. In Stock. $9.95  

Holes, by Luis Sachar. Adventure / Drama. 230 pages. Ages 10-14. This is a school classic that boys actually like to read! An original and captivating story about a young teenager named Stanley who is sent to juvenile detention camp for a theft he did not commit. At the detention camp he meets other so called juvenile delinquents named Zero, Magnet and Armpit. They are forced to mindlessly dig holes in the desert. The book is more intriguing and multi-layered than most. There are several engrossing storylines told in the present and a previous time that climax in a very satisfying ending. Your son will be drawn into Stanley’s new world, his ancestors, his new juvenile delinquent friends, as well as his corrupt captors and their hidden agenda. The author skillfully combines adventure, mystery and suspense to produce an entertaining and thought-provoking story that your son will enjoy, and not soon forget.

Nothing but the Truth, by Avi. Ages 10-14. 208 pages. This is a school classic that boys actually enjoy reading. The author explores the noble notion of telling the truth in this entertaining story. It is creatively written from the perspective of several different characters in the book, and how each one of them sees the truth. Phillip Malloy is a ninth grader who is on the verge of making the track team. He is failing English, which will prevent him from making the team. Instead of working harder, he blames the teacher. Philip tries to get himself transferred out of the teacher’s class, which will solve all his problems. He starts humming the national anthem, while it is played every morning during English class, which breaks the school’s policy of silence. Philip continues to patriotically hum along every morning, despite pressures from the teacher, assistant principal and principal. The drama unfolds, growing into a local and eventually a national story. The truth is described differently by each of the characters, to try to manipulate events. Philip thinks he has achieved his goal, but the final outcome backfires on him.
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