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Knights of the Kitchen Table: The Time Warp Trio, by Jon Scieszka. 64 pages. Ages 7-9. Joe and his two friends discover the power of a magician’s book, and find themselves transported back in time to the reign of King Arthur during the medieval ages in England! Zany and comedic adventures ensue. The time warp trio of friends must use their wits to avoid the charging lance of the black knight, being turned into newts by evil sorcerers and more. The boys’ success causes the good Sir Lancelot to embrace them as heroes, and their wacky adventures continue. Easy and funny dialogue makes this a laugh out loud read for boys that like comedy and silly mayhem I

Balto, The Bravest Dog Ever, by Natalie Standiford. 48 pages. Ages 6-8. This is the true story of a team of courageous sled dogs led by Balto, an Alaskan husky. In 1925, the tiny town of Nome, Alaska was on the verge of succumbing to the deadly Diphtheria disease. Children were getting sick, and would soon be dead. A snowstorm had made it impossible to bring life-saving antibiotics to Nome. The owner of the sled dogs volunteered his services to transport the antibiotics into Nome. Balto led the dogs for fifty straight hours through deep snow and frigid temperatures, saving the children’s lives, and preventing the spread of the deadly disease. If your son likes dogs, or enjoys heroic adventures, he’ll love this incredible story. Colorful illustrations bring this story to life.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, by Kristen Depken. 32 pages. Ages 5-7. What is Christmas without Rudolph? This is the classic tale, told in a beautiful verse. It contains all of the lovable and memorable characters from the TV classic, such as Yukon Cornelius, the Misfit Toys, and of course, Santa himself.

Dinosaur Days, by Joyce Milton and Richard Roe. 48 pgs. Ages 6-8. An engaging introduction to the pre-historic world of the Dinosaurs! Easy to read and fun for your young son. This book is filled with colorful illustrations, which will make the dinosaur experience really come to life for your son.

George Washington and the General’s dog, by Frank Murphy. 48 pages. Ages 6-8. This is a great and interesting way to introduce your son to George Washington. This true story touches on Washington’s early life, love of dogs, and the Revolutionary war. During one of the battles with the English army, a dog is left behind. The dog belongs to General Howe, the leader of the army that Washington and his colonial army are battling against. Washington arranges for the dog to be returned to the English general, along with a note, which is shown in the book. This is a wonderful way for your son to be introduced to the concepts of bravery and civility displayed by the father of our country. Colorful illustrations bring the story to life.

Pirates, Raiders of the High Seas! By Christopher Maynard. 48 pages. Ages 7-9. WOW ! That was our reaction to this book. This is a great way to introduce boys to some of the legendary pirates, such as Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, and their exploits throughout history. There are brief and captivating stories on each of the pirates, narrated in such a way as to invite the reader right into the swashbuckling adventures themselves! The author deftly combines a sense of historical education with the storytelling, and produces an outstanding depiction of these pirates and their lives, starting with the pirate capture of the great Roman general, Julius Caesar. The colorful and vibrant illustrations and photos truly bring these stories to life.

How to Eat Fried Worms, Thomas Rockwell, 128 pages. Ages 7-10. Ten year old Billy must eat 15 worms in 15 days! The ultimate gross-out! Or he loses a fifty dollar bet, and the ability to buy a cool mini-bike. Boys will love this story. It is entertaining and gross, perfect for young boys! Who knew there were so many ways to prepare and cook worms? Or what they taste like? In addition to the gross out parts, the book does a great job of describing the rivalry between two groups of friends. Boys will enjoy and connect to this story.

First Flight by George Shea. Ages 7-9. 48 pages. This book tells the story of the Wright brothers first engine powered flights into history, including young Tom Tate who volunteered to try out the prototype glider when there wasn’t enough airlift to get a grown man up in the air! Young boys will be educated and engrossed by these daring early flights. They’ll identify with the adventurous spirit of Tom Tate as well. Colorful illustrations will put boys right into this history making adventure.

Monster Bugs, by Lucille Penner. 48 pages. Ages 6-9. Young boys will love this book! Fascinating insects are revealed in a simple yet dramatic fashion. Boys will be bug-eyed when they read about the water bug that acts like a vampire, the “assassin” bug that injects its prey with poison, the black widow spider that poisons and kills it mate, the insect that disguises itself as a tree branch and more! Colorful illustrations bring these monster bugs to life.

Marvel Heroes Amazing Powers, by Saunders Catherine. 48 pages. Ages 6-9. This book is a thrilling ride into the awesome powers of the Marvel Super Heroes. Boys are enthralled by the bone crushing strength of the Hulk; Wolverine’s razor sharp claws and primeval instincts; The lightning power of Storm; Spiderman’s ability to spin webs and climb buildings, and other Super heroes. The remarkable illustrations make these Super Heroes jump right off the pages!

Volcanoes, by Eric Arnold. 48 pages. Ages 7-9. The mighty power of Volcanoes is brought to life in this wonderful book for young readers. The destructive, as well as life-giving nature of volcanoes is beautifully demonstrated. Human drama, science and stunning illustrations bring the immense power of Volcanoes right into your son’s room.

Twisters, By Lucille Penner. 48 pages. Ages 6-8. This is an engaging exploration into the awesome power of Tornados. The author does a superb job of interweaving human drama into the science of tornados, writing in a compelling, yet simple manner. Vibrant colors and illustrations will have your son’s eyes popping out of his head, as he gets an unforgettable introduction into the awesome world of Twisters! In stock.

The Trojan Horse, by Emily Little. 48 pages. Ages 7-9. This is a great way to introduce boys to ancient Greece, their gods, and the great war that may have occurred between the city states of Greece. This is the immortal story of a ten year war fought over the beautiful Greek princess Helen, who has been abducted by the Trojans. The Greeks attack the city of Troy over and over again, trying to rescue Helen, but they can not breach its enormous stone walls. After ten years of stalemate and battle, the Greeks devise a clever deception to allow the Greek army into the city, crush the Trojans, and rescue Helen. Colorful illustrations bring this epic story to life.

Babe Ruth Saves Baseball, by Frank Murphy. 48 pgs. Ages 6-8. If your son is starting to play ball, he'll love this simple and wonderful story on Ruth, and the impact he had on baseball. In addition to being wowed by Ruth's legendary accomplishments, your son will learn how Ruth helped baseball rebound from the Chicago Black Sox scandal. Filled with colorful illustrations.

Diving Dolphin, by Karen Wallace. 32 pages, Ages 5-7. Young boys just starting to read will love reading about the adventures of this young dolphin and his family. Boys will feel like they are playing along in the vast and breathtaking world of the dolphins. Boys will connect to their adventurous exploits, and enjoy the simple and entertaining storyline. This is a wonderful introductory education into dolphins and the oceans, with vibrant colorful illustrations to bring the story to life.

Dinosaurs Before Dark, Magic Tree House. Mary Pope Osbourne. 68 pages. Ages 6-8. This is the first book in the classic series. Jack and his sister discover a magic tree house that can transport them anywhere in time, to anyplace on the earth! Adventure and time travel to the age of dinosaurs are a potent combination in exposing young boys to the joy of reading. Each future book is a stand alone adventure to a different time and place. All books have illustrations that bring the story to life.

Cooking with the Cat: The Cat in the Hat. 32 pages. Ages 5-7. Boys who are beginning to read will love this Cat in the Hat story. It has colorful illustrations, a funny story about cooking and making a mess baking cupcakes, and simple and catchy rhymes. Perfect for the beginning reader or beginning baker!

Toy Story, books one and two, with peel off stickers! 38 pages. Ages 5-8. The characters and adventures of Toy Story are back, better than ever ! A fantastic value, combining two stories, and peel out stickers, all in one book. Young boys will be enthralled with the funny antics of Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye. The peel out stickers allow boys to continue the fun, even after the story has been read !

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