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Ages 9-12

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl. 196 pages. Ages 8-12. Your son will devour this sumptuous tale of Charlie Bucket, transported from a poor life, into one filled with imagination, dreams and magic! Charlie becomes one of five lucky winners, allowed to enter the magical chocolate world of the Wonka factory. He is enthralled by the zany characters, such as Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas, and taken on a chocolaty thrill ride that he will never forget. Along the wonderful journey, Charlie learns to dream and hope again. This is a classic tale, entertaining and uplifting. In stock. Was $7.99, now $4.99. Two left at this price. Add to CCNow Cart

Something Upstairs, by Avi. Ages 9-12, 116 pages. This is a good ghost story that will keep your son turning the pages. It contains elements of the supernatural, time travel, and history. Twelve year old Kenny and his family have moved into a very old house in Providence, Rhode Island. The ghost of a young slave, Caleb, appears before Kenny. Caleb explains that he had been murdered in cold blood, almost two hundred years ago! He implores Kenny to help him solve the mystery of his murder. Kenny and Caleb travel back in time, to relive the days leading up to Caleb's murder. This story is engrossing, suspenseful, and an easy read. Twists and turns will keep your son wanting to read more. In Stock. $7.99   Add to CCNow Cart

Midnight Magic, by Avi. 256 pages. Ages 9-12. If your son likes mystery, intrigue, suspense, with a touch of the supernatural thrown in, he will love this book by the award winning writer, Avi. Twelve year old Fabrizio lives in 15th century Italy, and is the loyal servant to his master, Magnus the magician. Magnus has been banished from the castle, the seat of power, by the real power behind the throne, Count Scarazini. The King summons Magnus back to the foreboding castle, to determine if a ghost is truly haunting his young daughter, and if so, to use his powers to vanquish it. Fabrizio joins him on this task, and gets enveloped in betrayal, suspicious characters, and a murder plot, while trying to help his master and the young Teresina, daughter of the King, who is to be secretly wed to Count Scarazini. Well written, an intriguing page turner from beginning to the end. In stock. $7.99. Add to CCNow Cart

The Incredible Journey, by Sheila Burnford. 140 pages. Ages 9-12. This is the timeless and beloved story of three pets that embark on a 300 mile journey across the dangerous Canadian wilderness, so they can be re-united with the family that owns them. Tao is the cunning and protective Siamese cat. Bodger is the aging and proud English bulldog. Luath is their leader, a Labrador retriever that is headstrong but young and inexperienced. They are being temporarily cared for while the family they grew up with has gone on an eight month professional sabbatical. One day, due to a series of mishaps, the three pets believe they have been abandoned, and start their incredible journey to be re-united with their beloved family. These three special animals will endear themselves to boys, as they desperately try to survive the dangers of the wilderness. The three pets must depend on each other to endure bear attacks, freezing winter nights, wild dog attacks, crossing turbulent and icy rivers, starvation and more. The author imbues each of them with a special and distinctive personality, and describes their incredible journey in amazing fashion. This is a heartwarming, can�t-put-down story for boys who love pets and adventure. In stock. $7.99. Add to CCNow cart

Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. 195 pages. Ages 9-12 This is one of the more popular books for boys. An engrossing story, that appeals to boys' sense of adventure. Thirteen year old Brian Robeson must survive alone in the Canadian wilderness, until he can find help. The pilot of the two seater plane taking him to see his Dad dies of a heart attack. Brian manages to crash land the plane. Equipped with a hatchet that his mom gave him, Brian uses his wits to survive. The descriptions of the wilderness, and Brian's adventures, are vivid and well told. In stock. $7.99  Add to CCNow Cart

The Lemonade War, by Jacqueline Davies. 192 pages. Ages 9-12. Evan and his smarty pants younger sister Jessie get along great. Until the summer before Evan enters the fourth grade, and Evan learns that his sister will skip a grade, and be in his fourth grade classroom! Sibling rivalry commences on a grand scale. First with pulling pranks on each other, and then with an epic contest of who can make more money selling lemonade over the summer. Readers experience the sibling rivalry, comedic antics, dirty business tricks, and get introduced to economic concepts such as �underselling the competition.� This is an engaging story that weaves in themes such as sibling rivalries, pride, and strengths and weakness of each sibling. At the end of their �War�, they realize some very important things about themselves and how working together is more satisfying than working against each other. In stock. $6.99 Add to CCNow cart

Great American Warriors, by Sal Tomasi. Ages 9-12. 97 pgs. Boys can now meet some of the real Supermen from American History:
Army Rangers to the Rescue: They were the untested leaders of a dangerous rescue mission inside enemy territory, desperately trying to save five hundred American prisoners from being slaughtered.
Raiders of the Invincible Empire: These men lifted an entire country off its knees and restored America's courage, after the sneak attack on the USA at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
The Defiant Sea Captain: His ship was on fire and sinking. Much of his crew had been killed or wounded. The British naval captain demanded that he surrender. The American sea captain roared back his defiant reply: "I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!"
The Rebel General: His leadership is why the United States exists today, and his actions set the example for future American leaders.
These amazing short stories grab a boy's attention from the first sentence. They provide instant gratification for boys that are quickly bored. These educational stories can also be useful material for book reports on American History.
After boys experience the heroic actions of these Great American Warriors, they may ask themselves: Did these men really do these things? The answer is yes. In Stock. Was $7.95, now $5.95. Six left at this price.    Add to CCNow Cart
Read a brief excerpt from each short story.

Frindle, by Andrew Clements. Comedy. 112 pages. Ages 9-12. Nick Allen is a 5th grader who is a bit independent, and a bit of a trouble-maker. After learning from his teacher about the origins of words, Nick decides that pens will be renamed Frindles. The use of the word Frindle spreads quickly through the student body, and sets off a string of comedic events. Nick and the students refuse to stop using the word, resulting in principal visits, newspaper publicity, advertising offers, etc. As Nick becomes a local hero, his teacher and principal get tied up in knots, trying to figure out what to do. In the end, the word Frindle is adopted in the dictionary, and his teacher acknowledges the importance of what Nick has done. In Stock. $7.99   Add to CCNow Cart

Lawn Boy, by Gary Paulsen. (Author of Hatchet). Ages 9-12. 96 pages. This is a funny and entertaining story that contains colorful characters and a great ending. The story is told by the lawn boy himself, who receives a riding lawnmower for his 12th birthday. After mowing his own family's lawn, he is approached by one neighbor after another, to mow their lawns for money. Lawn boy meets Arnold, a hippie type stockbroker. Arnold helps him expand his lawn business, hire employees, invest his money in the stock market, and even buy a piece of a boxer! The story contains one madcap event after another, culminating with the local mobster that wants a piece of Lawn boy's business. In stock. $7.95 Add to CCNow Cart

Lunch Money, by Andrew Clements. Comedy. 240 pages. Ages 9-12. Young would be tycoon Greg teams up with his female arch enemy, Maura, to sell comic books to kids at school. One funny episode rolls into another. They both discover the hilarious ups and downs of going into business together, as well as devising creative selling strategies to outmaneuver their principal. Mischievous and entertaining characters will amuse your son. In Stock. $7.95   Add to CCNow Cart

Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls. 208 pages. Ages 9-12. This is an emotionally moving story about the amazing devotion between a boy and his two hunting dogs, Little Ann and Old Dan. The story is set during the early 1900�s, in the Ozarks countryside of Oklahoma. Billy Coleman lives and works on the family farm with his two sisters and parents. Billy longs for two hunting dogs, and works and saves for two years and purchases two pups. Billy trains them to hunt raccoons as the pups grow up, and the trio become inseparable. Billy does his chores on the farm during the day, and goes out hunting raccoons at night with Little Ann and Old Dan. The storytelling and series of adventures that unravel are amazing. An incredible bond forms between Billy and his dogs, as well as between the two dogs. They depend on each other to face the dangers of the forest, as well as facing down two bullies and their hunting dogs. The drama intensifies as Billy enters his beloved dogs in a hunting contest, and the three of them are nearly frozen to death in a fast moving winter storm. They win the contest, and soon after, face the most dangerous animal in the forest. The emotionally powerful climax occurs when Billy�s dogs save his life, while making the ultimate sacrifice. The storytelling is captivating, and contains themes of devotion, trust, hard work, and determination. The end of the story contains a powerful uplifting spiritual message that ties in with the miraculous growth of a red fern tree at the graveyard site of Billy�s beloved dogs. This is an outstanding classic novel that is great for boys who love dogs and the great outdoors. In stock. 7.99. Add to CCNow Cart

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