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Reading great books can put boys in the fast lane to success !

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Thomas and the Jet Engine, by RW Awdry. 32 pages. Ages 5-7. If your son has already started watching the Thomas the train engine series, or likes trains, this is a great way to encourage him to read. Thomas has to transport a jet engine. When the engine accidentally starts, the fun starts for Thomas and his train engine friends.

Roadwork, by RH Disney. Ages 5-7. 32 Pages. Lightning McQueen is a young go-getter of a race car. He races through town, to discover there is more to his young life than just racing, such as making friends. Based on the Disney/Pixar story. Simple sentences, story telling that is fun, combine with colorful illustrations to make this a perfect read aloud story for young boys and their parents.

Something Upstairs, by Avi. Ages 9-12, 116 pages. This is a good ghost story that will keep your son turning the pages. It contains elements of the supernatural, time travel, and history. Twelve year old Kenny and his family have moved into a very old house in Providence, Rhode Island. The ghost of a young slave, Caleb, appears before Kenny. Caleb explains that he had been murdered in cold blood, almost two hundred years ago! He implores Kenny to help him solve the mystery of his murder. Kenny and Caleb travel back in time, to relive the days leading up to Caleb's murder. This story is engrossing, suspenseful, and an easy read. Twists and turns will keep your son wanting to read more.

Toy Story, books one and two, with peel off stickers! 38 pages. Ages 5-8. The characters and adventures of Toy Story are back, better than ever ! A fantastic value, combining two stories, and peel out stickers, all in one book. Young boys will be enthralled with the funny antics of Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye. The peel out stickers allow boys to continue the fun, even after the story has been read !

Dinosaurs Before Dark, Magic Tree House. Mary Pope Osbourne. 68 pages. Ages 6-8. This is the first book in the classic series. Jack and his sister discover a magic tree house that can transport them anywhere in time, to anyplace on the earth! Adventure and time travel to the age of dinosaurs are a potent combination in exposing young boys to the joy of reading. Each future book is a stand alone adventure to a different time and place. All books have illustrations that bring the story to life.

Knights of the Kitchen Table: The Time Warp Trio, by Jon Scieszka. 64 pages. Ages 7-9. Joe and his two friends discover the power of a magician’s book, and find themselves transported back in time to the reign of King Arthur during the medieval ages in England! Zany and comedic adventures ensue. The time warp trio of friends must use their wits to avoid the charging lance of the black knight, being turned into newts by evil sorcerers and more. The boys’ success causes the good Sir Lancelot to embrace them as heroes, and their wacky adventures continue. Easy and funny dialogue makes this a laugh out loud read for boys that like comedy and silly mayhem.

Marvel Heroes Amazing Powers, by Saunders Catherine. 48 pages. Ages 6-9. This book is a thrilling ride into the awesome powers of the Marvel Super Heroes. Boys are enthralled by the bone crushing strength of the Hulk; Wolverine’s razor sharp claws and primeval instincts; The lightning power of Storm; Spiderman’s ability to spin webs and climb buildings, and other Super heroes. The remarkable illustrations make these Super Heroes jump right off the pages!
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