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Reading great books can put boys in the fast lane to success !


The Boys From Brooklyn: The Great Robbery. Salvatore Tomasi. 148 pages. Ages 10-14. Boys won't be able to put down this entertaining story of eight boys getting themselves into all sorts of predicaments. It's the summer of 1974. Nicky and his friends are typical young teenage boys growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. The summertime living is easy and filled with fun, laughs and drama: Stickball. Johnny on the Pony. The fireworks. Terror in the train yard. Fights. Yes, the summertime living is easy until Tommy dares the boys to do something risky. Something that can screw them up for the rest of their lives. Themes such as friendship, competing, father-son relations, mom's guiding hand, ratting on your friends, and "doing the right thing" unfold in a real life and boy-friendly style. Boys will connect with Nicky, Frankie, Abe, Rob, Tommy, Zach, Victor and Jimmy. They might even learn an important lesson about peer pressure, but don't tell him! In Stock. Was $8.95, now $6.95. Four left at this price.       Available on Amazon Kindle for $3.99.

The Lemonade War, by Jacqueline Davies. 192 pages. Ages 9-12. Evan and his smarty pants younger sister Jessie get along great. Until the summer before Evan enters the fourth grade, and Evan learns that his sister will skip a grade, and be in his fourth grade classroom! Sibling rivalry commences on a grand scale. First with pulling pranks on each other, and then with an epic contest of who can make more money selling lemonade over the summer. Readers experience the sibling rivalry, comedic antics, dirty business tricks, and get introduced to economic concepts such as “underselling the competition.” This is an engaging story that weaves in themes such as sibling rivalries, pride, and strengths and weakness of each sibling. At the end of their “War”, they realize some very important things about themselves and how working together is more satisfying than working against each other.

Cooking with the Cat: The Cat in the Hat. 32 pages. Ages 5-7. Boys who are beginning to read will love this Cat in the Hat story. It has colorful illustrations, a funny story about cooking and making a mess baking cupcakes, and simple and catchy rhymes. Perfect for the beginning reader or beginning baker!

Lawn Boy, by Gary Paulsen. (Author of Hatchet). Ages 9-12. 96 pages. This is a funny and entertaining story that contains colorful characters and a great ending. The story is told by the lawn boy himself, who receives a riding lawnmower for his 12th birthday. After mowing his own family's lawn, he is approached by one neighbor after another, to mow their lawns for money. Lawn boy meets Arnold, a hippie type stockbroker. Arnold helps him expand his lawn business, hire employees, invest his money in the stock market, and even buy a piece of a boxer! The story contains one madcap event after another, culminating with the local mobster that wants a piece of Lawn boy's business.

Lunch Money, by Andrew Clements. Comedy. 240 pages. Ages 8-11. Young would be tycoon Greg teams up with his female arch enemy, Maura, to sell comic books to kids at school. One funny episode rolls into another. They both discover the hilarious ups and downs of going into business together, as well as devising creative selling strategies to outmaneuver their principal. Mischievous and entertaining characters will amuse your son.

How to Eat Fried Worms, Thomas Rockwell, 128 pages. Ages 7-9. Ten year old Billy must eat 15 worms in 15 days! The ultimate gross-out! Or he loses a fifty dollar bet, and the ability to buy a cool mini-bike. Boys will love this story. It is entertaining and gross, perfect for young boys! Who knew there were so many ways to prepare and cook worms? Or what they taste like? In addition to the gross out parts, the book does a great job of describing the rivalry between two groups of friends. Boys will enjoy and connect to this story.

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