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Great American Warriors, by Sal Tomasi. Ages 9-12. 97 pgs. Boys can now meet some of the real Supermen from American History:
Army Rangers to the Rescue: They were the untested leaders of a dangerous rescue mission inside enemy territory, desperately trying to save five hundred American prisoners from being slaughtered.
Raiders of the Invincible Empire: These men lifted an entire country off its knees and restored America’s courage, after the sneak attack on the USA at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
The Defiant Sea Captain: His ship was on fire and sinking. Much of his crew had been killed or wounded. The British naval captain demanded that he surrender. The American sea captain roared back his defiant reply: “I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!”
The Rebel General: His leadership is why the United States exists today, and his actions set the example for future American leaders.
These amazing short stories will grab a boy's attention from the first sentence. They provide instant gratification for boys that are quickly bored. These educational stories can also be useful material for book reports on American History.
After boys experiences the heroic actions of these Great American Warriors, they may ask thiemselves: Did these men really do these things? The answer is yes. Avaliable on Amazon Kindle for $3.99.
Read a brief excerpt from each short story.

First Flight by George Shea. Ages 7-9. 48 pages. This book tells the story of the Wright brothers first engine powered flights into history, including young Tom Tate who volunteered to try out the prototype glider when there wasn’t enough airlift to get a grown man up in the air! Young boys will be educated and engrossed by these daring early flights. They’ll identify with the adventurous spirit of Tom Tate as well. Colorful illustrations will put boys right into this history making adventure. In stock. $ 4.99.

Monster Bugs, by Lucille Penner. 48 pages. Ages 6-9. Young boys will love this book! Fascinating insects are revealed in a simple yet dramatic fashion. Boys will be bug-eyed when they read about the water bug that acts like a vampire, the “assassin” bug that injects its prey with poison, the black widow spider that poisons and kills it mate, the insect that disguises itself as a tree branch and more! Colorful illustrations bring these monster bugs to life.

Volcanoes, by Eric Arnold. 48 pages. Ages 7-9. The mighty power of Volcanoes is brought to life in this wonderful book for young readers. The destructive, as well as life-giving nature of volcanoes is beautifully demonstrated. Human drama, science and stunning illustrations bring the immense power of Volcanoes right into your son’s room.

Twisters, By Lucille Penner. 48 pages. Ages 6-8. This is an engaging exploration into the awesome power of Tornados. The author does a superb job of interweaving human drama into the science of tornados, writing in a compelling, yet simple manner. Vibrant colors and illustrations will have your son’s eyes popping out of his head, as he gets an unforgettable introduction into the awesome world of Twisters! In stock.

Babe Ruth Saves Baseball, by Frank Murphy. 48 pgs. Ages 6-8. If your son is starting to play ball, he'll love this simple and wonderful story on Ruth, and the impact he had on baseball. In addition to being wowed by Ruth's legendary accomplishments, your son will learn how Ruth helped baseball rebound from the Chicago Black Sox scandal. Filled with colorful illustrations.

Dinosaur Days, by Joyce Milton and Richard Roe. 48 pgs. Ages 6-8. An engaging introduction to the pre-historic world of the Dinosaurs! Easy to read and fun for your young son. This book is filled with colorful illustrations, which will make the dinosaur experience really come to life for your son.

Diving Dolphin, by Karen Wallace. 32 pages, Ages 5-7. Young boys just starting to read will love reading about the adventures of this young dolphin and his family. Boys will feel like they are playing along in the vast and breathtaking world of the dolphins. Boys will connect to their adventurous exploits, and enjoy the simple and entertaining storyline. This is a wonderful introductory education into dolphins and the oceans, with vibrant colorful illustrations to bring the story to life.

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