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Low Price Book and Audio Cd Packages

Picture the wondrous expression on that special boyís face as he immerses himself in these exciting books, brought to life by a professionally produced, multicast Audio CD! Boys become engrossed by reading the book while listening to the story being told in dramatic fashion, complete with cinema quality sound effects.

Teachers have witnessed the salutary benefits of this multi-sensory approach in the classroom. This is ideal for boys who already enjoy reading, and a breakthrough for encouraging reluctant readers.

We have carefully selected these books. Each contains exciting and dramatic themes that boys love. These books are enriched with a varied vocabulary, complete with a glossary in the back. This is the best way for boys to expand their vocabulary. These books are recommended for boys ages 12 and up.

Branded Outlaw, by L. Ron Hubbard. 114 pages. Ages 12 and up. This is an action filled, fast paced western tale of a gunslinger named Lee Weston, trying to bring his fatherís killer to justice. Lee receives his fatherís desperate letter, pleading for help against the local bad guy named Dodge. When Lee arrives at his fatherís ranch, he finds him dead, and immediately starts hunting down the suspected killer. Lee approaches the sheriff, trying to find out where Dodge is. The sheriff isnít much help, and as Lee gallops off, the shooting starts. Lee barely survives, and is quickly branded an outlaw by the town people, led by Dodge. He hides out, and is nursed back to health by a beautiful and mysterious woman. After Lee regains his strength, he again starts the hunt for Dodge, but starts to suspect he may be looking for the wrong man! Lee is ambushed and manages to survive again. With the help of the sheriff, he sets a trap for the real killers, leading to a rip-roaring shoot-Ďem-up ending that will leave boys breathless. This is a great story for boys that like lots of action and a strong male character. In stock.

Spy Killer, by L.Ron Hubbard. 102 pages. Ages 12 and up. This cloak and dagger tale is set in the 1930's in Shanghai, China. Japanese armed forces have invaded China, and American naval forces have been positioned between Japan and China. Kurt Reid is a rough and tough American sailor, wrongly accused of murder. He escapes from his ship and flees to Shanghai. Kurt saves the life of a beautiful and mysterious Russian woman named Varinka, who is not what she appears to be. Kurt is then captured by Chinese intelligence services, and blackmailed into assassinating a Japanese spy. Varinka helps him to escape, but is she setting him up? Set against an exotic locale, this story is rife with action, mystery, espionage and surprise twists and turns. In stock.

Under the Black Ensign, by L. Ron Hubbard. 108 pages. Ages 12 and up. This is a swashbuckling, action filled pirate tale set in 1680. Tom Bristol's naval career aspirations are brought to a crashing end when he is forced into slave labor aboard the British warship, HMS Terror. Rebelling against the authoritarian rule of the ship's cruel Admiral, Tom refuses an order, and will face one hundred lashes. Just as his punishment is being meted out, the British ship is attacked by pirates, and Tom escapes and joins the pirate crew. Tom once again finds himself in peril. He kills a pirate planning a mutiny, while defending an odd looking stowaway. The pirate leader punishes Tom by marooning him on a desert island, with only three days of food and water. Tom vows to not only survive, but to seek out his enemies and serve his brand of justice on them. This is a fantastic story for boys that like sea faring adventures and pirate stories. In stock. Click to see the video trailer

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