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Reading great books can put boys in the fast lane to success !


Babe Ruth Saves Baseball, by Frank Murphy. 48 pgs. Ages 6-8. If your son is starting to play ball, he'll love this simple and wonderful story on Ruth, and the impact he had on baseball. In addition to being wowed by Ruth's legendary accomplishments, your son will learn how Ruth helped baseball rebound from the Chicago Black Sox scandal. Filled with colorful illustrations.

Tangerine, by Edward Bloor. Drama / Sports. 288 pages. Ages 10-14. This is an unusual dramatic story that will draw your son in, right from the beginning. Compelling themes such as sports and rivalries, being ignored because an older sibling is getting all the attention, friendships and doing the right thing, the burning desire to fit in, discovering a haunting secret that has been hidden for too long and empowerment will keep your son turning the pages. 12 year old Paul Fisher, his older brother and football star, Erik, and their parents have just moved to Tangerine County, Florida. The author quickly provides a sense of foreboding with Paul starting to have flashbacks of something painful that happened to him when he was five, resulting in near blindness. Paul�s eyesight has improved since then, and he has become an excellent soccer goalie. However, he is still considered to be legally blind, and must wear thick glasses. Erik quickly fits in as the new football star for the high school, and Paul becomes the soccer goalie in the middle school. Surreal events start to occur. Paul is kicked off the soccer team, due to insurance regulations regarding handicapped kids playing sports. After a Florida style sinkhole swallows part of the middle school, Paul is transferred into a nearby middle school, populated with a rougher crowd of students. The story continues to unfold vividly. With some help from Mom, Paul is able to join the soccer team. He earns the respect of his tough new friends, by becoming embroiled in a controversial series of events. Paul continues to have painful flashbacks, finally remembering what really happened to him. A riveting, well told and empowering story, which should leave your son jumping up and down at the end. In Stock. $9.95  

Heart of a Champion, by Carl Deuker. 208 pages. Ages 14 and up. Boys who play baseball will be mesmerized by this book. This is an unusually intense story. Real life, compelling teenage themes: Competing, drinking, friendships, loss, family. This is the story of two teenage boys, and how their experiences change each one of them forever. Seth first meets Jimmy in a park, watching Jimmy's father put him through one difficult baseball drill after another. Jimmy's competitive spirit to play baseball rubs off on Seth, who also becomes a good ball player. Both boys struggle desperately with their inner demons. Great baseball descriptions, compelling, intense character development, important real life teenage issues. This is a bittersweet, hard to put down, and impactful story.
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