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Reading great books can put boys in the fast lane to success !

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  We are the parents of a twenty one year old young man, attending his third year in college. We started in 2003, when we realized that we had a very reluctant reader on our hands. The situation became even more difficult because he was having difficulty selecting books that would interest him. We were frustrated that he wasn't reading enough. The cartoon character gives you an idea of how frustrated we were. Finding books that interested him became our mission. So we started reading. We searched for books that we thought he would be interested in. After reading many books, and eliminating many more, we were able to provide him with some books that he actually enjoyed reading. Our son likes horror, comedy and adventure type stories. The first book he read on his own was Cirque du Freak, A Living Nightmare, by Darren Shan. He really liked it! It was a priceless feeling to see him read a book on his own, and enjoy it. He has read the entire series. He has also enjoyed The Boys From Brooklyn, by Salvatore Tomasi; The Last Mission, by Harry Mazer, and Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. He is still a reluctant reader, but he now knows that reading can be enjoyable. As he starts thinking more seriously about his career, he realizes how important reading is to his professional success in life.

  The website makes it easy to find books that boys will like. After boys finish reading a book that they actually enjoyed, they might be more open-minded when they are required to read a literary classic for a school assignment. Maybe they'll get more out of it. Click on the link below, titled "Encouraging Boys to Read," to learn more.

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