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Adventure / Survival

Branded Outlaw, by L. Ron Hubbard. 114 pages. Ages 12 and up. This is an action filled, fast paced western tale of a gunslinger named Lee Weston, trying to bring his fatherís killer to justice. Lee receives his fatherís desperate letter, pleading for help against the local bad guy named Dodge. When Lee arrives at his fatherís ranch, he finds him dead, and immediately starts hunting down the suspected killer. Lee approaches the sheriff, trying to find out where Dodge is. The sheriff isnít much help, and as Lee gallops off, the shooting starts. Lee barely survives, and is quickly branded an outlaw by the town people, led by Dodge. He hides out, and is nursed back to health by a beautiful and mysterious woman. After Lee regains his strength, he again starts the hunt for Dodge, but starts to suspect he may be looking for the wrong man! Lee is ambushed and manages to survive again. With the help of the sheriff, he sets a trap for the real killers, leading to a rip-roaring shoot-Ďem-up ending that will leave boys breathless. This is a great story for boys that like lots of action and a strong male character. In stock. Click to see the video trailer This book comes with a free, professionally produced, multicast Audio CD! Boys become engrossed by reading the book while listening to the story being told in dramatic fashion, complete with cinema quality sound effects. In Stock Was $5.95, now $3.95. Five left at this price.
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Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls. 208 pages. Ages 9-12. This is an emotionally moving story about the amazing devotion between a boy and his two hunting dogs, Little Ann and Old Dan. The story is set during the early 1900ís, in the Ozarks countryside of Oklahoma. Billy Coleman lives and works on the family farm with his two sisters and parents. Billy longs for two hunting dogs, and works and saves for two years and purchases two pups. Billy trains them to hunt raccoons as the pups grow up, and the trio become inseparable. Billy does his chores on the farm during the day, and goes out hunting raccoons at night with Little Ann and Old Dan. The storytelling and series of adventures that unravel are amazing. An incredible bond forms between Billy and his dogs, as well as between the two dogs. They depend on each other to face the dangers of the forest, as well as facing down two bullies and their hunting dogs. The drama intensifies as Billy enters his beloved dogs in a hunting contest, and the three of them are nearly frozen to death in a fast moving winter storm. They win the contest, and soon after, face the most dangerous animal in the forest. The emotionally powerful climax occurs when Billyís dogs save his life, while making the ultimate sacrifice. The storytelling is captivating, and contains themes of devotion, trust, hard work, and determination. The end of the story contains a powerful uplifting spiritual message that ties in with the miraculous growth of a red fern tree at the graveyard site of Billyís beloved dogs. This is an outstanding classic novel that is great for boys who love dogs and the great outdoors. In stock. 7.99. Add to CCNow Cart

The Incredible Journey, by Sheila Burnford. 140 pages. Ages 9-12. This is the timeless and beloved story of three pets that embark on a 300 mile journey across the dangerous Canadian wilderness, so they can be re-united with the family that owns them. Tao is the cunning and protective Siamese cat. Bodger is the aging and proud English bulldog. Luath is their leader, a Labrador retriever that is headstrong but young and inexperienced. They are being temporarily cared for while the family they grew up with has gone on an eight month professional sabbatical. One day, due to a series of mishaps, the three pets believe they have been abandoned, and start their incredible journey to be re-united with their beloved family. These three special animals will endear themselves to boys, as they desperately try to survive the dangers of the wilderness. The three pets must depend on each other to endure bear attacks, freezing winter nights, wild dog attacks, crossing turbulent and icy rivers, starvation and more. The author imbues each of them with a special and distinctive personality, and describes their incredible journey in amazing fashion. This is a heartwarming, canít-put-down story for boys who love pets and adventure. In stock. $7.99. Add to CCNow cart

The Call of the Wild, by Jack London. Ages 10-14. 160 pages. Considered to be Londonís finest work, this gritty and intense adventure saga is a classic that boys enjoy. Buck is a proud and strong dog that is betrayed and sold into hard slavery as a sled dog. The Alaskan gold rush is on, and Buck and other dogs are transported into Alaska, and trained to pull sleds for men anxious to find gold in the vast and dangerous Alaskan wilderness. Buck quickly adapts in the wild, and learns to defend himself against other vicious sled dogs, and cruel humans. He becomes the leader of the pack, and is again sold to another group of men looking for Alaskan gold. These men push the dogs too hard, and Buck finally refuses to obey. He is nearly beaten to death, and is saved by a man named John Thorton. Buck once again thrives under the love and care of his new master, which develops into a loving relationship between a man and his beloved dog. Buck returns the favor of having his life saved, by saving Thorton from drowning in an ice cold fast moving river. Despite being at peace, Buck hears the call of the wild from wolves in the forest, and starts to run with one of these wolves. After returning back to Thortonís camp, he witnesses the result of a vicious attack on the camp by the Yeehat Indians. After Buck discovers his beloved masterís lifeless body, he takes his revenge on the Yeehats. Buck once again hears the call of the wild, and finishes out his life in the Alaskan forest with a family of wolves. Londonís writing is both eloquent and provocative. This is a searing and bittersweet story of survival, outstanding for boys who like outdoor adventure and dogs. $6.99. In stock. Add to CCNow Cart

Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer. 332 pages. Ages 14 and up. This is the harrowing account of the disastrous 1996 Mount Everest climbing expedition. The book is written by one of the climbers who narrowly survived brain damage and being frozen to death. In May of 1996, an expedition to climb the tallest peak on the planet encountered a rogue snowstorm, trapping climbers above and below it. Of the eleven members of the expedition that started the climb, only six came back alive. Krakauer vividly recounts the harrowing experiences he and others endured as they strove to reach the summit, 29,000 feet above sea level, through oxygen depleted air, and sub freezing temperatures. Acts of heroism, selfishness and cowardice reveal the heights and depths of the human condition. Photos from the expedition help to portray the vastness of Everest, and puts a human face on the climbers. In stock, was $8.95, now $4.95. Two left at this price. Add to CCNow Cart

Holes, by Luis Sachar. Adventure / Drama. 230 pages. Ages 10-13. This is a school classic that boys actually like to read! An original and captivating story about a young teenager named Stanley who is sent to juvenile detention camp for a theft he did not commit. At the detention camp he meets other so called juvenile delinquents named Zero, Magnet and Armpit. They are forced to mindlessly dig holes in the desert. The book is more intriguing and multi-layered than most. There are several engrossing storylines told in the present and a previous time that climax in a very satisfying ending. Your son will be drawn into Stanleyís new world, his ancestors, his new juvenile delinquent friends, as well as his corrupt captors and their hidden agenda. The author skillfully combines adventure, mystery and suspense to produce an entertaining and thought-provoking story that your son will enjoy, and not soon forget. In Stock. $7.99   Add to CCNow Cart

Under the Black Ensign, by L. Ron Hubbard. 108 pages. Ages 12 and up. This is a swashbuckling, action filled pirate tale set in 1680. Tom Bristol's naval career aspirations are brought to a crashing end when he is forced into slave labor aboard the British warship, HMS Terror. Rebelling against the authoritarian rule of the ship's cruel Admiral, Tom refuses an order, and will face one hundred lashes. Just as his punishment is being meted out, the British ship is attacked by pirates, and Tom escapes and joins the pirate crew. Tom once again finds himself in peril. He kills a pirate planning a mutiny, while defending an odd looking stowaway. The pirate leader punishes Tom by marooning him on a desert island, with only three days of food and water. Tom vows to not only survive, but to seek out his enemies and serve his brand of justice on them. This is a fantastic story for boys that like sea faring adventures and pirate stories. In stock. Click to see the video trailer This book comes with a free, professionally produced, multicast Audio CD! Boys become engrossed by reading the book while listening to the story being told in dramatic fashion, complete with cinema quality sound effects. In Stock. Was $5.95, now $3.95. Seven left at this price.
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Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. 195 pages. Ages 9-12. This is one of the more popular books for boys. An engrossing story, that appeals to boysí sense of adventure. Thirteen year old Brian Robeson must survive alone in the Canadian wilderness, until he can find help. The pilot of the two seater plane taking him to see his Dad dies of a heart attack. Brian manages to crash land the plane. Equipped with a hatchet that his mom gave him, Brian uses his wits to survive. The descriptions of the wilderness, and Brianís adventures, are vivid and well told. In stock. $7.99  Add to CCNow Cart

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